Law Office Pulkkanen Ltd provides legal and tax services to individuals and to businesses across the country. We have strong practical experience and excellent knowledge of Finnish legislation and the court system.

In addition, we have a solid practical experience in international business to meet the challenges of tax planning and to mergers and acquisitions.

Our target is to provide the most practical and cost-effective solutions to our Clients in various challenges and interests. In this regard, we offer our Clients value-added by taking into account the potential tax effects.

Law Office Pulkkanen Ltd is a member of Certified Counsels Association in Finland. A Certified Counsel can also be called as "Authorized Litigator" or "Legalized Litigator" in english which may describe more precisely the scope of Certified Counsel in the field of law. However, all lawyers entitled to litigate in Finnish Court system comply with same ethical rules and guidance in litigation matters than Advocates or Attorneys of Finnish Bar Association.

At present a lawyer entitled to litigate in Finnish court system is usually a member of Certified Counsels Association or Finnish Bar Association. A lawyer belongs to the former association is called officially as Certified Counsel and a lawyer falls within the latter Finnish Bar Association is called as Advocate or as Attorney. Both groups of lawyers comply with same ethical rules or guidance in litigation matters in Finland.