Law Office Pulkkanen provides legal and tax services to individuals and to businesses across the country. We have strong practical experience and excellent knowledge of Finnish legislation and the court system. In addition, we have a solid practical experience in international business to meet the challenges of tax planning and to mergers and acquisitions. 

Our target is to provide the most practical and cost-effective solutions to our Clients in various challenges and interests. In this regard, we offer our Clients value-added by taking into account the potential tax effects. 

Law Office Pulkkanen is a member of Authorized Attorneys at Law Association in Finland. As Authorized Attorneys at Law we comply with same ethical rules in litigation than Advocates of Finnish Bar Association. At present a lawyer entitled to litigate in Finnish court system is usually a member of Authorized Attorneys at Law Association or Finnish Bar Association. A lawyer belongs to the former association is called as Authorized Attorney at Law and a lawyer falls within the latter Finnish Bar Association is called as Advocate. 

Law Office Pulkkanen also has a license to collect debts issued by the Regional State Administrative Agency. 

We also have extensive experience in Contract Law and also Tort Law related matters. We prepare different types of agreements for different needs and purposes, such as subcontracting, agencies, franchise agreements at the transaction agreements and shareholder agreements. 

Business and Tort Litigation 

Law Office Pulkkanen serve businesses and individuals across a broad range of business and individual disputes, torts, and civil litigation, from counseling through trial and appeal. We have experience in the litigation of all instances of Finland. 

In this context, we wish to emphasize that we have excellent negotiation skills and we always try to negotiate with the other party before we take legal actions. 

The criminal cases we assist related to accounting and taxation. 

Tax Compliance and Planning 

In case you are an individual, a company or entity such as permanent establishment, doing business or residing in Finland, keeping track of your Finnish tax obligations can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Law Office Pulkkanen has solid practical experience in international and domestic tax compliance. 

Tax planning is a substantial element of almost every transaction and investment. It provides an opportunity to generate added value and minimize tax and financial risk.


Pricing and Fees  

Our Client will be charged the hourly rate basis regularly, for example once a month. In addition, we will charge time and costs due to travelling, including any Value Added Tax (VAT). 

Fees does not include the general expenses, which are usually 5 to 30 euros per assignment plus 24 % VAT (i.e. Value Added Tax), depending on the required paper printouts and other volume. 

Tasks perform urgently and during weekend or public holidays will be charged 50 % of the hourly rate increased. Third parties, such as courts or tax authorities, imposed duties or payments are excluded from the fee and will be charged separately and prior to the due date from the Client. 

Fee per hour varies depending on the nature of the mandate, urgency, and the amount of interest. Private individuals, the fee per hour is from 180 EUR per hour without 24 % VAT, i.e. 223,20 EUR per hour including 24 % VAT. 

Companies or Other Entities and Associations, the fee per hour is from 200 EUR per hour without 24 % VAT, i.e. 248,00 EUR per hour including 24 % VAT. 

We obliged to withhold the VAT in Finland and it is levied from Client in addition our Fee. 

We have officies located in Espoo Tapiola and Nurmijärvi Klaukkala. Free parking and easy to reach by public transport.

We are pleased to serve you, do not hesitate to contact us!

Mr Petri Pulkkanen

Licentiate in Laws

Master of Laws

+358 50 317 2344